In brief: Sick of seeing people's Spotify Wrapped, aka year in review, posts on social media? Wouldn't you rather see the same 12-month graphical summary applied to someone's Steam habits? Valve has now obliged with a brand-new feature called Steam Reply, which summarizes yearly metrics such as the most-played games, percentage of time played, number of achievements, and more.

You can access your own Steam year in review by going to the storefront via the website or desktop app, clicking on the New & Noteworthy tab at the top, and selecting the Steam Reply 2022 option. Or you can use this direct link:

The summary starts with the year's game-playing highlights. This writer spent most of their Steam time split between Days Gone and Dying Light 2: Stay Human, both of which I was determined to finish even as their appeal started to wane, Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters, and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Enhanced Edition. Somewhat surprisingly, there's no information about actual hours played, despite it being available on a owned game's Steam page.

The feature also shows how your gaming stacks up against other Steam users, including the number of achievements, played games, and longest streaks. Elsewhere, the spider graph showing the kinds of games users spent the most time playing in 2022 is especially impressive.

As with other platforms' year-in-review features, there are plenty of ways to share the results. Helpfully, it includes the option to change page visibility from private to Friends Only or Public, but if you do want to keep things private, there are several images formatted specifically for different social media platforms that can be downloaded and posted.

Consoles have had similar yearly summary features available to users for some time: there's Nintendo's Switch Year in Review 2022 and Sony's PlayStation 2022 Wrap Up. Bringing the same thing to Steam will likely be appreciated by PC owners looking to find out where their time went and how their gaming compares to others.