In brief: HP's HyperX gaming division is aiming to push personalization to the mainstream with the introduction of HX3D, a program that'll leverage HP's 3D printing technology to create new products, add-ons and alternatives for existing gaming gear that would be tough to pull off with traditional manufacturing processes.

At CES 2023, HyperX is previewing a range of personalized keyboards, mice, headsets and other gaming products. The first to-market item will be limited edition custom keycaps, which are already popular in the mechanical keyboard community.

The Cozy Cat Keycap was developed by HyperX and voted on by its gaming community, and will be manufactured using environmentally friendly re-used powder nylon. It'll sell for $19.99 starting later this month with support for Cherry MX stems. Additional keycap drops are planned throughout the year in collaboration with creators, influencers and celebrities. we're told.

Twenty bucks for a single keycap may sound astronomical but it is quite reasonable in the custom keycap realm. What's more, most people don't replace every key on their board with custom creations but rather, reserve them for less commonly used keys like Escape or the Function row.

HP, if you recall, purchased the HyperX gaming division from Kingston Technology for $425 million back in early 2021. HP already had roots in the gaming community with its Omen brand but scooping up an established and respected name like HyperX no doubt helped it better compete with heavyweights like Corsair and Logitech.

Engadget visited HyperX at CES to have a look at some of their other HX3D samples including shields for HyperX headphone ear cups, headphone stands and even a mushroom guy mic holder. More aggressive designs include animal ears and horns that can attach to the top of your headphones if you're into that sort of thing. Engadget's Sam Rutherford was impressed with the detail on some of the more intricate offerings.

The Cozy Cat Keycap will launch on January 26 at 9 a.m. Pacific and be available for only 48 hours, or until supplies last.