What just happened? Someone has made a fully playable version of The Legend of Zelda inside Minecraft without using any mods or resource packs. To get the right look, YouTuber C1OUS3R used a lesser-known technique to load world textures without any extra mods. From there, the user set about reconstructing the entire Zelda overworld and tapped into a feature in world resources that lets you edit the JSON format of blocks to enhance depth.

This would normally take ages but the YouTuber utilized a program called Blockbench to expedite the process. Blockbench was also used to create Link.

Speaking of the game's protagonist, C1OUS3R had to figure out a way to disable sprinting and jumping as neither was present in the original game.

To do this, the modder gave the player permanent blindness (which prevents them from sprinting) and used the world resources shaders in version 1.17 to completely disable the visual effects of blindness. Normally, blindness adds a heavy vignette which would ruin the presentation.

As for enemies, only the most common ones have been added so far. Similarly, only the first dungeon has been built but if the video does well, we might eventually see others added. C1OUS3R promised to make the creation available once the video gets 5,000 likes. It has already amassed 2K likes in its first day and seems well on its way to smashing the 5K barrier.

The project is incredibly impressive and at times, it even looks better than the original Zelda. Here's to hoping we get to see the rest of the map fully populated with the other dungeons and the full enemy set.

C1OUS3R has also created in-game versions of Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog. Both are visually stunning but I'm partial to the Sonic build as the 3D touches take it to the next level.

What classic game would you like to see recreated in Minecraft next? Super Metroid would be incredible but perhaps too complex. Maybe something more chill like Myst?

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