In brief: Pebble smartwatch designer Eric Migicovsky is hoping to catch lightning in a bottle for a second time with a new electronic gadget that is so minimalistic, it doesn't even have a case.

The Beepberry is a portable e-paper computing device packing a low-power, high contract Sharp Memory LCD screen with a resolution of 400 x 240. It s mated to a backlit keyboard + touchpad from a BlackBerry Classic and can be ordered with a Raspberry Pi Zero W (or you can supply your own SBC).

A 2,000 mAh battery supplies the juice, but you will need to 3D print your own case for the gadget. In one of the demos, the system is shown with the battery held in place by a rubber band. There is also a programmable RGB LED for notifications, a programmable side button, and a USB-C port for programming and charging. You will also need to supply a microSD card for storage.

The handheld is meant to be used with Beeper, the universal chat app that combines 15 chat networks into a single package. Migicovsky launched Beeper in early 2021 to help make life easier for those that utilize several different chat platforms.

On Twitter, Migicovsky said he wanted a "weekend" device that would let him stay in touch with friends and family without the distractions of a full-fledged smartphone. In a separate blog post, the creator said users will need to be familiar with Linux in order to get any sort of value out of the device. "Don't expect something perfect," he said of the basic handheld.

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The Beepberry is available to pre-order starting at $79 for a barebones model or $99 if you want a Raspberry Pi Zero W included. The product page notes there are 50 units available to ship immediately to developers and hackers although it is not clear how many are still in stock as of this writing.