If you have a Raspberry Pi this is the official operating system for you. Raspberry Pi OS is the recommended operating system for normal use on a Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi OS is a free operating system based on Debian, optimized for the Raspberry Pi hardware. Raspberry Pi OS comes with over 35,000 packages: precompiled software bundled in a nice format for easy installation on your Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi OS is a community project under active development, with an emphasis on improving the stability and performance of as many Debian packages as possible.

All features for the Raspberry Pi OS can be found here and the installation instructions can be found here.

What's New:

  • rc_gui - add combo box to allow resolution to be set for VNC connections
  • rc_gui - camera interface switch removed
  • lxpanel - remove appearance settings from preferences dialog; instead add menu option to open general Appearance Settings application
  • lxpanel - add ellipses to menu items which open dialogs
  • lxinput - read current mouse acceleration directly from xinput
  • lxinput - use device IDs rather than names to cope with devices changing when powered-down
  • lxinput - remove redundant changes to openbox config file
  • plymouth - set KillMode to mixed to suppress warning message
  • raspi-config - add option to switch composite video
  • raspi-config - add option to switch to legacy camera mode
  • raspi-config - add option to set resolution for headless connections
  • raspberrypi-ui-mods - disable mutter when VNC server is running and fall back to openbox
  • pipanel - add command-line option to open on arbitrary tab
  • lxplug-network - suppress ’scan received’ logging message
  • raspberrypi-ui-mods - set hover colour for taskbar items based on taskbar colour, not system highlight colour
  • Legacy camera applications and libraries reinstalled
  • Bug fix - lxinput - lxsession config file not being written on first attempt
  • Bug fix - lxinput - set timer for file write to prevent slider slowing down
  • Bug fix - lxinput - write values to gsettings as well as xinput and xsettings to take effect within mutter
  • Bug fix - lxinput - fix failure to parse and write non-English numeric formats
  • Bug fix - arandr - various fixes to parsing of non-standard EDID blocks to enable model and serial to be correctly extracted
  • Bug fix - arandr - refresh rate calculated to 3 decimal places for monitors which require it
  • Bug fix - arandr - enable setting of left and right orientation
  • Bug fix - arandr - add compatibility with new touchscreen driver
  • Bug fix - arandr - apply settings correctly to DSI and composite displays
  • Bug fix - lxplug-magnifier - fix crash when opening preferences without required magnifier package installed
  • Bug fix - piwiz - launch screen reader install prompt as a new process to prevent audio lockups crashing wizard
  • Bug fix - lxpanel - not loading some plugins (cpufreq, minimise all windows) due to icon loading code not compatible with GTK+3
  • Bug fix - gtk+3 - disabled new GDK touch events to enable double-clicks to be detected on touchscreen
  • Bug fix - xrdp - included backports from bookworm version of xrdp and xorgxrdp to restore window frames with mutter over xrdp connections
  • Update various translations
  • udisks2 added to lite image
  • mkvtoolnix added to lite image
  • 7z and zip support added to lite image
  • gnome-keyring added to desktop images
  • Raspberry Pi firmware c6d56567ff6ef17fd85159770f22abcf2c5953ed
  • Linux kernel 5.10.92