What just happened? Nvidia has announced that GeForce Now players can now link their Ubisoft accounts to seamlessly access their favorite games every time. The new functionality is already live, enabling users to automatically sign in to a range of Ubisoft games on GeForce Now. It works across all Ubisoft Connect titles, including Rainbow Six Siege, Far Cry 6, and Tom Clancy's The Division 2, among others.

In a press release announcing the new feature, Nvidia said that linking your Ubisoft account with GeForce Now will automatically sync supported GeForce Now games from Ubisoft Connect and Steam libraries, thereby helping players find their Ubisoft games quicker. Linking the two accounts will also ensure that players don't have to sign in to their Ubisoft account for each play session on GeForce Now, and will instead be automatically signed in across all their devices when they log in just once. This will work for all supported games purchased through the Ubisoft Store and Epic Store.

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GeForce Now already allowed players to link their Steam, Epic Games, and GOG accounts, so the Ubisoft account linking facility is a step in the right direction. Do note that for some Ubisoft+ games, you will need an activation key to start playing. If you can't access your Ubisoft game on GeForce Now even after connecting the two accounts, you will have to launch the game on Ubisoft Connect PC first.

To link your Ubisoft and GeForce Now accounts, open the GeForce Now app on any supported device, select the hamburger menu, choose 'Settings,' go to 'Connections,' and then hit the 'Connect' button next to Ubisoft. This will open the Ubisoft account login page on your web browser. People using the GeForce Now app on their TV will see a QR code that they can scan with a smartphone to open the login page. You can also unlink the two accounts at any time by selecting the 'Unlink' option on the same page.

Meanwhile, Nvidia also added two new games to the GeForce Now library this week. That includes Amnesia: The Bunker and Harmony: The Fall of Reverie, both of which are new releases. Alongside that, the newest season of The Division 2 is now also available for your playing pleasure. Named 'Season 1: Broken Wings,' it is the first of many more seasons that will be rolled out in the coming months with exciting new manhunts, events, and leagues.