In brief: Is your artistic ability comparable to an elderly, blind walrus holding a pencil in its flippers? Then rejoice at the arrival of Stable Doodle, a new tool that can generate some impressive-looking artwork based on your own disturbing scribbles.

Stable Doodle, from Stability, comes from the popular Stable Diffusion AI system, which you can learn about here. Available on both the web and through Android & iOS apps, it allows anyone with basic drawing skills and online access to generate high-quality original images in seconds, writes Stability AI.

Stable Doodle does ask users to give it an idea of what they are trying to create via a text box. It seems necessary in cases like mine, where my cat isn't easily identifiable as a feline. You can't argue with those results, though.

Not sure why the bottom left cat is having a colorful poop

Users can also alter the art style of the generated pictures. There are 14 to choose from, including photographic, digital art, anime, and 3D model; Stability will likely add more at a later date. My 'dog' that ended up looking like a terrified baby Yoda/Grogu was turned into a couple of excellent digital art representations of pups, along with whatever the nightmarish form in the upper right is.

The sketch-to-image service is free but there are limits to how many times it can be used, though you can create a free account to generate more images.

Stable Doodle is part of the ClipDrop platform that Stability acquired through the purchase of Init ML in March, an AI startup founded by former Google staff. It offers an ecosystem of apps, plugins & resources powered by AI, including Stable Diffusion XL, Image Upscaler, Reimagine XL, and Uncrop.

Rather than just being there for amusement value, Stability AI told TechCrunch that Stable Doodle allows a layman to quickly create high-quality images for "presentations decks and websites, or even create logos."

There are other AI-powered tools available that work in a similar way as Stable Doodle, including Nvidia's Canvas app. But Stability claims its product offers more "precise" control over the image generation.