Right to repair Microsoft is making it easier for owners of its standard Xbox Wireless Controller and the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller to repair the devices by selling official replacement parts on its online store. The Windows maker is also providing downloadable guides and instructional videos on YouTube.

Priced at $179.99, Microsoft's Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller isn't something you'd want to replace after the warranty runs out. Now, instead of using third parties for parts and repair instructions, Microsoft is providing both. The six items include button sets ($21.99), replacement top cases ($25.99), and a replacement PCBA and vibration motor assembly ($59.99).

The $59.99 standard Xbox controller's parts are slightly cheaper, ranging from $19.99 for the top case to $34.99 for the PCBA and vibration motor.

Microsoft also offers step-by-step self-repair guides that can be downloaded, along with official instructional videos on YouTube.

Microsoft writes that the repairs should only be carried out if the broken controller is out of its warranty. It adds that the repairs require moderate technical skill, and are suited for enthusiasts, professionals, or those with prior experience in electronic disassembly. Furthermore, those carrying out repairs will need the following tools, which Microsoft does not sell: plastic pry tool, TR8 and T5 Torx screwdriver bits, and plastic tweezers.

This is the latest move by Microsoft to make repairing its devices easier for consumers following its commitment to support the right to repair in 2021. The pledge came after nonprofit shareholder advocacy group As You Sow filed a shareholder resolution criticizing the company's device reparability restrictions while Microsoft pledged to reduce its carbon footprint.

In December 2021, Microsoft entered a collaboration that allowed iFixit to manufacture Microsoft-designed repair tools for the Surface line.

The controller repair program is an extension of a similar scheme Microsoft launched in June that focuses on Surface parts. It sells everything from rubber feet and kickstands to Wi-Fi modules and replacement screens.

It should be noted that iFixit also sells parts for the Xbox controllers, and they have a lifetime warranty rather than the one-year guarantee Microsoft offers.