Highly anticipated: It's shaping up to be a big year for game releases. We've already seen Diablo 4 and Baldur's Gate 3, and the massive Starfield lands in under a month. But it looks increasingly likely that what could be one of the biggest games of all time - Grand Theft Auto 6 - will drop in 2024, and Take-Two is once again telling investors to expect a record year.

In a recent investor call, Take-Two chief financial officer Lainie Goldstein said, "we are positioning our business for a significant inflection point in fiscal 2025 that will culminate in us delivering new record levels of operating performance next year and beyond."

Take-Two predicts that its total net bookings for the entire fiscal 2024, which covers the net amount of physical and digital product sales and related gaming income, will be between $5.45 billion and $5.55 billion. For the fiscal year 2025 that ends on March 2025, the company forecasts over $8 billion in net bookings and over $1 billion in adjusted unrestricted operating cashflow, thanks to the launch of "several groundbreaking titles."

There's no specific mention of GTA 6, but there's no doubt that the game will be an enormous earner for Take-Two. The 180 million copies GTA V has sold since its release in 2013 makes it the second-best-selling game of all time behind Minecraft.

While the 2025 fiscal year ends in March 2025, GTA 6 will likely follow its predecessor and be released just ahead of the holiday season, possibly sometime in September 2024. Take-Two is expecting the game to make a lot of money, and consistently, so expect to see a new GTA Online mode of some kind to sit alongside the single-player campaign.

"We expect to sustain this momentum by delivering even higher levels of operating results in fiscal 2026 and beyond," Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick said back in May.

Take-Two does have other confirmed games on the way, including a new Bioshock title and Ken Levine's Judas, but they're unlikely to generate over $8+ billion.

In September last year, the same hacker who compromised Uber's network leaked a swathe of GTA 6 content, including test build videos and screenshots, most of which were removed after Take-Two issued copyright strikes against the hosts. He also attempted to negotiate a deal with Rockstar, asking for a five-figure sum in return for not leaking its games' source codes. The teenager behind the attacks was recently deemed unfit to stand trial.

In other Take-Two news, the company recently defended charging $50 for the PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch port of Red Dead Redemption, claiming the price is "commercially accurate." The game can be played on the Xbox One and Xbox Series, where it sells for $30, through backward compatibility.