Battery Life

Inside the Motorola Moto X Style is an 11.55 Wh (3,000 mAh at 3.85 V) non-removable lithium-ion battery, which is fairly typical these days for a 5.7-inch smartphone. Ideally I'd have liked to see a physically larger battery inside this handset considering it isn't the slimmest device going around, but it's acceptable considering the competition.

In our legacy LTE browsing test the Moto X Style performs decently, sitting among a collection of current-generation flagships. However, in our new and much more intensive display-calibrated Wi-Fi browsing test, seen below, the Style falls to the back of the pack.

The Style also disappointed in our new brightness-calibrated PCMark battery benchmark, although it did record a better score than the Galaxy S6. It appears as though the display is fairly power consuming, mostly due to its resolution, so these results are somewhat lower than expected.

On the other hand, standby battery life, which is difficult to benchmark, is excellent from the Moto X Style, which helps to mitigate some of the issues with screen on battery life. While you won't be able to use the device as much as the Note 5 with the screen on, for example, the two devices have similar battery life through regular usage thanks to the better standby battery life of the Style.