Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

The AS SSD Benchmarks sequential read test confirms what we now know, the 950 Pro is blistering fast. That said at almost 2.2GB/s it did fall short of the 2.5GB/s target in this test.

The 950 Pro did a better job of getting near its claimed sequential write performance in AS SSD Benchmark, though it did fall short of matching the SM951.

The 4K-64 thread performance of the 950 Pro was on target with the SM951 NVMe drive, which made it quite a bit slower than the Intel drive.

The 4K-64 thread write performance was much slower than we were expecting. Although it was slightly faster than the SM951, it was worlds slower than the SSD 750.

When it comes to read access times the 950 Pro is incredibly fast taking just 0.026ms, which is a considerable improvement over the comparatively slow 0.042ms of Intel's SSD 750.

The write access time was equally impressive taking just 0.021ms, while the SSD 750 took 0.031ms and the SM951 NVMe 0.036ms.