Benchmarks: Real-World Applications

Despite the off performance in our game and program copy tests the Samsung SSD 950 Pro 512GB gets the game installation test done in record time. Taking just 67 seconds the 950 Pro was worlds faster than the SM951 and Intel SSD 750.

The 950 Pro was also very strong in our virus scan test taking just 33 seconds, which is the best result we have been able to achieve. It would appear there is some kind of system bottleneck restricting SSD performance here.

The 950 Pro is blistering fast for making system backups, which is again surprising given the weak program and game copy performance seen previously.

Extracting an almost 40GB file took a mind blowing 50 seconds using the 950 Pro, which is much faster than we could have imagined. Previously the SM951 NVMe set the fastest time taking 58 seconds, while the fastest 2.5" SSD, the 850 Pro, took 187 seconds.

Looking at the throughput numbers for the 7-zip performance we see that the 950 Pro averaged an impressive 762MB/s, while the SM951 NVMe averaged 658MB/s and the Intel SSD 750 Series just 508MB/s.