Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark 3.0

The 950 Pro series promised a massive sequential write speed and well here it is, 2339MB/s makes it 40% faster than the SM951 and over 50% faster than the Intel SSD 750 Series.

The 950 Pro also delivered impressive sequential write performance, though it did fall short of the projected 1.5GB/s target making it slightly slower than the SM951. That said it was still much faster than the 750 Series or any other SSD for that matter.

The random 512K read performance was on point as the 950 Pro matched the SM951, making it 14% faster than Inel's drive and roughly 3x faster than the 850 Pro.

The random 512K write performance was just as impressive and again the 950 Pro was able to match the SM951, affording it considerably better performance than the Intel 750 Series and other high-end SSDs.

The random 4K read performance was excellent as the 950 Pro achieved a throughput of 55MB/s, making it considerably faster than any other SSD tested to date.

Like the 4K read performance we find that the write performance is also impressive as the 950 Pro leaves all other tested SSDs well behind.