Benchmarks: PCMark7

Although we saw minimal performance differences between the various SSDs in the PCMark 8 benchmark the margins in PCMark 7 are quite significant. For example in the importing pictures test above the 950 Pro produced a throughput of 387MB/s and while that meant it was slower than the equivalent capacity SM951 drive and Intel SSD 750 Series drives, it was well over twice as fast as the 850 Pro.

Despite coming in slower than the SM951 and 750 Series in the previous test, the 950 Pro dominated the PCMark 7 video editing test with a throughput of 766MB/s, while the SM951 NVMe was limited to 636MB/s and the SSD 750 400GB just 287MB/s.

Again we find the 950 Pro dominating another PCMark 7 benchmark, this time the starting applications test. The 950 Pro managed 341MB/s while the SM951 NVMe was limited to 285MB/s and the 750 Series 400GB just 215MB/s.

Lastly we looked at the PCMark 7 gaming test results and again the 950 Pro came out well on top with a throughput of 299MB/s, considerably faster than the 252MB/s of the SM951 NVMe drive.