Gaming Performance

Not that we are expecting things to change much as we begin our gaming tests, but given our audience, we couldn't skip this either.

Unreal Tournament 3 is a notoriously bandwidth sensitive game. That said, we do not see a huge difference in performance between the various P55 motherboards at 1024x768. Upping the resolution to 1920x1200 the average frame rate locked in a 183fps on almost every P55 motherboard.

The Batman Arkham Asylum results are similar to those of Unreal Tournament 3 with just 9fps separating the fastest motherboard from the slowest at 1024x768.

The Left 4 Dead results provided us with our most varied results and even at 1920x1200 there was a 3% margin separating the fastest P55 motherboard from the slowest. Not that anyone will notice a 3% performance margin when the average frame rates at 1920x1200 were well over 100fps.

The bottom line, don't choose your motherboard based on what games you play or the (nonexistent) performance advantage you will get with either. Any model in our round-up will serve your needs just well. Instead the PCIe slot configuration and intended graphics setup play the more important role here.