Benchmarks: Crysis Warhead, World in Conflict

Instead of using the Crysis Warhead benchmark we recorded frame rates over 60 seconds of actual gameplay using Fraps. We used action from the level "All The Fury" at the enthusiast quality setting with AA and AF disabled.

The Radeon HD 6970 performed quite well on Crysis Warhead, basically matching the GeForce GTX 570 at 1920x1200 where it averaged 51fps. This made the Radeon HD 6970 about 11% faster than its previous generation counterpart.

World in Conflict Soviet Assault
World in Conflict has a solid built-in benchmark tool, so we relied on that for testing this game. We used the "very high" quality settings with 4xAA/16xAF.

Testing at 1920x1200 with World in Conflict the Radeon HD 6970 averaged 67fps matching the performance of the GeForce GTX 570. Other than that the positions remained all the same, with the GeForce GTX 580 getting a 15% advantage and the dual-GPU HD 5970 sitting in-between.