Each of the three mice we showed you today have a unique take on styling and functionality, but regardless of the comparison the Microsoft Arc Touch is the clear winner in every category.

The Eclipse and Cue are simply too small to be comfortable for any extended period. The arch of the Arc Touch makes it much more comfortable as your hand remains in a natural position when using it, much like a traditional desktop mouse would.

This unique arch ability also draws a lot of attention from onlookers. The other two mice are nice and unique in their own right, but it's my opinion that the Arc Touch is the best looking of the three.

All three mice were able to track just fine on a Roccat Sota mousepad and each slid across the pad without incident. When distance was brought into the equation, the Eclipse fell on its face and wasn't good past 6 feet or so. The other two pointers worked at 20+ feet without issue. This could be blamed on a crummy Bluetooth receiver built into the Lenovo U260, but since Mad Catz didn't provide a receiver, this only hurts it more.

Since it would take a considerable amount of time to test battery life on each mouse (some wireless optical mice are rated to last weeks at a time), we didn't pay much attention to that aspect although we tested all three devices for a few weeks without any issues.

Microsoft used to sell the Arc Touch Mouse for $65 and even at that price point I would have chosen it over the competition. Now at $45, there's even more reason to select the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse as this roundup's winner and a solid alternative to consider if you are looking for a compact mobile mouse.