Benchmarks: File Copy Test

The on-disk copy tests caused performance issues for Intel's hybrid technology and as you can see, the Hitachi desktop hard drive became just 3MB/s faster with SRT enabled. The Seagate Momentus on the other hand was 1.5x faster, delivering a throughput of 43.7MB/s.

The RevoDrive Hybrid delivers a modest 52.4MB/s in the first run, setting it 20% ahead of Seagate's Momentus XT. Before you break out the party hats, that's still 38% slower than the slowest SSD that we tested (the Patriot Torqx) and 67% slower that OCZ's Vertex 3.

By the third run, the performance increased 75% to 91.6MB/s. Sadly this is of little consequence as most people are only going to copy the same data once. Given the Momentus XT data was recorded on a single pass, it is safe to say the RevoDrive Hybrid is just 20% faster.

The program copy test saw the RevoDrive Hybrid deliver just 50.5MB/s on its first pass, which equates to 5% faster than the Momentus XT. Again, although the RevoDrive's performance soared by 93% in the third run, we believe this is of little value in real world usage.

The game copy test produced the same general results. The RevoDrive Hybrid was 8% faster than the Momentus XT with a 57.6MB/s throughput. That figure jumped to 83.1MB/s in the third run, but OCZ's hybrid drive is quite slow by today's NAND flash drive standards.