Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark confirms the RevoDrive Hybrid's strong sequential read performance as it pumped 386.5MB/s on its first run.

As we've seen previously, it offered poor sequential write performance which comes down to the use of asynchronous memory.

The hybrid solution delivered average results when measuring 4K-64 thread read performance with a throughput of 112.4MB/s on its first run.

The 4K-64 thread write performance was even more impressive at 143.7MB/s, making it faster than then full-fledged SSDs by Patriot and Samsung.

An SSD's extremely low millisecond access time is what makes a computer feel so responsive. The RevoDrive Hybrid loses that element due to the use of a mechanical hard drive, which saw the read access time increase to 17.888ms on the first run. This is the same problem faced by other hybrid solutions, as SRT took 18.883ms and the Momentus XT delivered 16.885ms.

The SSD is able to help with the write access time and the RevoDrive Hybrid took just 0.245ms on its first run, which is comparable to the Kingston HyperX and OCZ Vertex 3 SSDs. It's also much faster than the Momentus XT and a 3.5" mechanical hard drive.