Benchmarks: PCmark 7

The OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid delivered solid results in the PCmark 7 Importing Pictures test, scoring better than all other drives tested in both its first and third runs. While SRT provided a huge performance boost, it was still much slower than the RevoDrive Hybrid in this test.

Again, the RevoDrive Hybrid performed well with 22.5MB/s on its first run, allowing it to match the performance of great SSDs such as the Samsung 830 Series and Kingston HyperX.

Although the RevoDrive fell behind other SF-2200-based SSDs in the Starting Applications test, it kept pace with the Samsung 830 Series and Crucial m4.

The RevoDrive Hybrid finished the PCmark 7 testing on a high note, outperforming many high-end SSDs such as the Intel SSD 510 Series, Samsung 830 Series and Crucial m4.=