1920x1200 - Gaming Performance

At 1920x1200, we needed an HD 7870 to exceed 60fps, though the GTX 560 and HD 6870 weren't too shabby either at 55fps and 54fps. Stepping down another notch is the HD 6850 and GTX 460 at 50fps and 45fps, while the new HD 7750 and 7770 cards disappointed with frames hovering in the mid-30s, which is comparable to the old HD 5750/6750 and 5770/6770.

Glancing back above the 60fps mark, the HD 5870 and 7850 pumped an impressive 62fps, though this is somewhat overshadowed by the GTX 560 Ti's 67fps. Truth be told, the new HD 7000 series seems a little lackluster in DX9 titles compared to their Nvidia counterparts.