Battery Life

Inside the Oppo R5 is a 7.6 Wh (2,000 mAh at 3.8V) non-removable battery, which is unsurprisingly small thanks to the device's super slim body. Oppo does state that this battery is capable of extremely quick charging - a 30 minute charge will restore 75% of the battery - but this won't do much to help battery life in general day to day usage.

When I was using the Oppo R5 as my daily driver, I noticed that the phone didn't last for particularly long, often dying or coming very close to dying before a typical day was complete. It's been a long time since I've used a smartphone that has completely died at around 3pm, which was after just 7 hours of typical moderate use. This isn't a great result at all, and going by the benchmarks below, the Oppo R5 has one of the worst battery lives of any smartphone I've recently reviewed.

The R5 does have a number of power saving features that can be activated to try and eek out as much life as possible, but even when I had a selection of the features enabled, it didn't improve my daily battery life experience by a significant amount. It's painfully clear that to achieve such a slim handset, battery life has had to be sacrificed, and for most people that's going to be a sacrifice not worth taking.