SuperDocker 3.0.3 for Mac OS X

Free tool that will help you customize Leopard's style and appearance

September 17, 2008
Mac OS
8.3 MB
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SuperDocker allows to customize parts of your Mac OS X Leopard.

If you're already bored with your Leopard style and appearance, SuperDocker may be just the right tool for you.


■ Display a 2D/3D Dock
■ Use transparency on hidden applications' icons
■ Add separation in the Dock
■ Modify the display of the Docks
■ Add stacks in recent elements
■ Display a border cadre around applications
■ Modify the effect of window minimisation
■ Modify the switching time between 2 spaces under Space
■ Modify the drawing time of dialog boxes
■ Display the complete path in the title bar
■ Display the hidden files
■ Display the Debug menu
■ Display WebInspector
■ Choose to display or not a message after each new disk detection
■ Display the iCal debug menu
■ Activate the Data Detectors mod for iChat
■ Activate the Dashboard's Developper mode
■ Modify the display of the menubar
■ Modify the capture format
■ Modify the print dialog boxes' format
■ Modify the Mac OS X bootsplash

What's New:

· Add the ability to remove iTunes Store links in iTunes (”Others” preferences)