OS X Transformation Pack

macOS UX Pack 4.0

macOS UX Pack 4.0 will theme your Windows 10/8/7 desktop with macOS User Experience, including Login Screen, Themes, Wallpapers, Sounds, Dock, Finderbar, Dashboard, Spaces, Launchpad and more.

Note: We've detected that OS X Transformation Pack's installer might attempt to bundle third-party software. We suggest to proceed with caution and select the "Custom" installation option to identify any potential unwanted software.
94.4 MB
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What's New:

  • Added El Capitan desktop icons in theme files
  • Added more Sierra wallpaper
  • Added multiple versions of Windows 10 theme installation support (TH/TH2/AE)
  • Added Windows 10 Anniversary Edition v1607 support
  • Changed product name to macOS UX Pack
  • Disabled font rendering engine on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition to (bug on major controls)
  • Fixed installation bugs with permission on other cases
  • Removed changing Windows 10's logon screen for now to avoid corrupting logon system on Windows 10 v1607
  • Removed some old Helvetica Neue fonts to fix thin font rendering
  • Removed Windows 10 v1511 theme installation workaround (still add permissions for manual hack)
  • Updated Windows 10 v1607 themes by cu88 from free releases (You can buy full version with more themes)