PeaZip is a free file and archive manager, based on solid and proven Open Source technology of 7-Zip for handling mainstream archive formats, and other great Open Source tools (like FreeARC, PAQ, UPX...) for supporting additional file formats and features, in order to provide an all purpose zip utility featuring a powerful unified GUI that, unlike most of other classic file archivers like i.e. WinZip and WinRar, is natively portable and cross-platform.

PeaZip is mainly written in Free Pascal, using Lazarus. It is free software, released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Supports 7Z, 7-Zip sfx, ACE, ARJ, BZ2, CAB, CHM, CPIO, DEB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LHA/LZH, NSIS, OOo, PAQ/LPAQ, PEA, QUAD, RAR, RPM, split, TAR, Z, ZIP.

What's New:

PeaZip 5.7.0 release brings many under the hood improvements, introducing newer and faster 7z 15.05 backend (9.38.1 on Linux), updating IDE (Lazarus 1.4.0) and math/crypto libraries, and improving plugin management.
UNRAR5 file format plugin is now available both for Windows and Linux systems, as separate plugin available on Add-ons page (due the non-OSI compatible license of royalty-free RarLab's unrar).

It was added read support for compressed Unix/Linux man format, 183 file extensions are now supported.

Translations are available in 30 languages, any help is welcome to translate PeaZip to new languages and to maintain current localizations up to date, so please consider taking the time to give a look totranslations directory for newer language files and for any resource useful for translators.


  • PeaZip Additional Format Plugin 2, now containing also quad and balz binaries

File Manager

  • Image manager
    • Added 4K and 8K formats pre-sets in fit image to resolution
    • Added JPEG quality 90, 75 and 50 to Image manager pre-set context menu entries
    • Added TIFF, PPM, and XPM formats as image conversion options
    • Added to context menu (in Image manager group) common pre-set entries for resize, fit, and convert operations
  • New advanced rename functions (context menu): uppercase, lowercase, add string at fixed position, delete n chars at fixed position, replace/remove string (optionally case sensitive), change file extension
    • New file rename dropdown menu also featured in File management tool bar
  • New advanced selection features
    • Starting with same character (optionally case sensitive) of selected object
    • Size similar to selected object; size smaller/larger than
    • Date similar to selected object; current hour, day, week, month, year
    • Advanced selection dialog Select..., features add/subtract to current selection, available in toolbar, address bar (search group) and context menu
  • New Copy path feature: copy current path or selected items paths as UTF8 string for any use
  • Various fixes

Extraction and Archiving

  • Added "Halt system after task completion" flag in Advanced compression/extraction options tab
  • Added option to remove single intermediate directory upon Extract to new folder operation in Options > Settings > Archive management
  • PeaLauncher
    • New task options dropdown menu in the button on the left of "Cancel", showing thread priority option and "Cancel all"
    • "Cancel" notification no longer trigger additional message box
    • New "Cancel all" function stop the sequence of following tasks

179 file extensions supported

  • Added support for .xzm Porteus Linux packages