Alternatives to NovaBench

NovaBench is our popular component benchmark application for Windows, and Mac OS X.

Software that can be used as an alternative to NovaBench:
  • 93 votes
    FurMark is a popular VGA stress test (graphics card burn-in test) as well as an OpenGL benchmark.
    • Freeware
    • Windows (all)
  • 176 votes
    Designed to measure your PCs gaming performance 3DMark 11 makes extensive use of all the new features in DirectX 11 including tessellation, compute shaders and multi-threading.
    • Shareware
    • Windows 7/8
  • 495 votes
    All around tool, benchmarking, system diagnostic and analyser.
    • Shareware
    • Windows (all)
  • 20 votes
    Completely awesome cross-platform benchmark that measures the performance of your computer's processor and memory.
    • Trial
    • Multiple OS
  • 80 votes
    Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with all games using DirectX or OpenGL technology.
    • Demo
    • Windows (all)
  • 113 votes
    3DMark Vantage is the new industry standard PC gaming benchmark, designed for Windows Vista and DirectX 10.
    • Freeware
    • Windows Vista/7
  • 16 votes
    Quickly assess the performance of their computer and compare it to standard 'baseline' computer systems.
    • Shareware
    • Windows (all)