Starting developing on PHP, probably you often face the problem which IDE to choose for Windows OS. Whereas most companies sell it at high price (100-500$), we offer multifunctional portable IDE FREE absolutely with all standard features:

PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript highlighting, advanced PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript autocomplete, Powerful PHP debugger, SQL autocomplete, Context and Dynamic Help and much more...

Codelobster PHP Edition streamlines and simplifies php development process. You don't need to keep in mind names of functions, arguments, tags and their attributes; methods etc - we've implemented it for you in the autocomplete feature for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and even CSS. Also, you can always get necessary help information by F1 or using special Help control.

Internal free PHP Debugger allows validating code locally. It automatically detects your current server settings and configures corresponding files in order you can use the Debugger.

What's New:

  • SFTP connection using key files
  • Stop button for FTP/SFTP transfers
  • Improved FTP/SFTP logs
  • Improved JS autocomplete for new objects
  • JavaScript autocomplete for prototypes
  • Tooltips for JavaScript custom functions
  • JQuery plug-in:
    • Autocomplete for ID $("#id:")
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Inspector freezing with bootstrap CSS
    • Style declarations navigation

Phalcon plug-in:

  • Autocomplete for Phalcon framework
  • Highlighting for Volt template engine
  • Controller/View navigation by Alt+O
  • Ability to autocomplete frameworks for single files
  • Moving all configuration files to AppData folder
  • Navigation to Next/Prev function by Alt+PageUp/PageDown

Bugs fixed:

  • Selection in the File Explorer on CTRL withhold
  • Format for uncomplete lines
  • Autocomplete for commented lines in JS
  • Upload progress bar