Bandizip 5.15

Bandizip is 100% free Archiver for home and office.

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It handles the most popular compression formats, including Zip, ZipX, 7z, and RAR files for free!.

Bandizip has very fast Zip algorithm for compression & extraction by Fast Drag and Drop, High Speed Archiving, and Multi-core compression function.


  • Packing and Unpacking: Zip(z01), ZipX(zx01), TAR, TGZ, 7Z(7z.001), and EXE(e01)
  • Unpacking Only: RAR(part1.rar, r01), ACE, ALZ, APK, ARJ, BH, BZ, BZ2, CAB, EGG, GZ, J2J, JAR, IMG, IPA, ISO, LHA, LZH, LZMA, PMA, TBZ, TBZ2, TGZ, TLZ, TXZ, UDF, WAR, WIM, XZ, and Z
  • Support unicode to display international characters which display for filenames in archives
  • Bypass the bad compression files automatically by "High Speed Archiving" function
  • Extract the files to the destination folder directly by "Fast Drag & Drop" function
  • Create self-extracting file (.EXE) and multi-volume (split) archives
  • Optional archive encryption using ZipCrypto
  • Context Menu access including "Preview Archive" function
  • Create or extract multiple zip files simultaneously from windows explorer
  • Free to use at both home and in the office

New features in Bandizip 6.0 (Beta):

Beta 15

  • Bug fixed - When extracting by Drag & Drop, files in the zip are not deleted even though you are pressing 'Shift' key.
  • Improved stability of program.
  • Changed installation icon.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.


  • Bandizip is now able to extract MS Compound (MSI, DOC, XLS, PPT), Arc (SEA Arc), Lzip and ZPAQ format.
  • Added support for sparse algorithm and symbolic link of TAR format.
  • Added support for compressing GZ/XZ formats.
  • Users are now able to move the main window while compressing or extracting.
  • Bandizip now supports its own command-line tool (bc.exe, Alpha version).
  • Added support for custom file names when compressing by right clicking.
  • If the file name contains MBCS (Multibyte Character Set), Bandizip forces to store the INFO-ZIP's UTF-8 filename header.
  • Added the View menu on the main window.
  • Added support for show/hide tree controls.
  • Added an option, "Always on top".
  • Users are now able to see the file list by Icons, List and Details.
  • Users are now able to export Bandizip Settings.
  • If users do not have write permission to the destination folder, Bandizip will show a pre-warning notification dialogbox.
  • Bandizip will display the archive file name which is currently being processed if it takes a long time while opening split files.
  • The internal image viewer (Aiview.exe) now supports the TIFF format.
  • Bandizip is now able to delete archive files permanently through the "Ctrl+Shift+Del" hotkey.
  • Added support for "Quick Open Header" to open RAR files faster (RAR5).
  • Bandizip updater will automatically download the setup file from the fastest server when it updates.
  • Bandizip shows the 'Recent Files' list under the File menu.
  • Bandizip shows the Honeyview suggestion window when users try to view an image in an archive.
  • Users are now able to install Bandisoft's other programs from the main Bandizip window.
  • Bandizip can recognize the user-defined extensions as archive files when right clicking or dragging & dropping.


  • Improved the main UI, program icon, toolbar design.
  • The Bandzip32.exe and Bandzip64.exe files have merged into Bandizip.exe.
  • Bandizip will delete temporary files when the program exits. (It used to delete temporary files when the process finished.)
  • Improved the CRC32 and AES processing speed by applying the assembly code of 7zip (LZMA SDK)
  • Improved the opening of corrupt or damaged ZIP files.
  • The maximum password length limitation (up to 300 characters) has been removed.
  • Bandizip now uses XZ algorithm instead of LZMA when compressing ZIPX/EXE.
  • Users can select AES-256 encryption algorithm when compressing ZIP files.
  • Bandizip no longer recognizes EGG files which had dummy data at the end of the file as a corrupted file.
  • File names will no longer be corrupted when ZIP files are modified after setting the code page.
  • If the header was encrypted as PKZIP, Bandizip will show an error message which says this format isn’t supported.
  • Improved the processing speed slightly by optimizing file I/O.
  • Bandizip will use less memory when compressing 7z files.
  • The High Speed Archiving function will work while compressing with multi-core processors.

Removed features

  • Bandizip no longer supports Windows XP. If you use Windows XP, please use Bandizip 5.x.
  • Bandizip now uses its own console compression program (bc.exe) instead of 7z.exe.
  • Several other features have been removed.

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