Calligra Words is an all purpose word processor aimed at academic, business and personal use

You can create informative and attractive documents with a few clicks of your mouse.Objects like pictures or charts can be easily created with a few clicks of the mouse and just as easily moved or changed, while the text just flows around it.

Calligra Stage is a powerful and easy to use presentation application

Calligra Stage comes with some amazing, stylish options for your slide backgrounds. Make your slides using images, videos, animation and more.Making presentations has never been easier! With the plug-in’s available in The Calligra Suite, there are more options than ever to add to your slides.

Calligra Sheets is a fully-featured spreadsheet application

It can be used to quickly create spreadsheets with formulas and charts, to calculate and organise your data in a neat manner.Calligra Sheets comes with options for General, Business, and Home and Family options with pre-set spreadsheets. It also comes with an astounding array of pre-set formulas.

Calligra Flow is used to make diagrams and flowcharts

Use Flow to make network diagrams, organization charts, flowcharts and much more.Flow also comes with numerous stencils that can be used to make anything you want. There are options for Networking, Renewable Energy, Chemistry, Building sites, and many other options to help you make your diagrams.

Kexi is a visual database creator

It can be used for designing database applications, inserting and editing data, performing queries, and processing data. Forms can be created to provide a custom interface to your data.Kexi stores all database objects – tables, queries, forms, reports – in the database, making it easy to share data and design.

Krita is a sketching and painting program

Krita offers an end–to–end solution for creating digital painting files from scratch by masters. Krita supports concept art, creation of comics and textures for rendering.

Create razor-sharp illustrations with vector graphics using Karbon

Karbon supports advanced layered images usable for illustrations, instructions or any other use.

What's New:

Calligra 2.8 contains a number of new features. Here is an excerpt of the most important ones.

Words, the word processing application, and Author, the writer’s application, both gained support for comments in the document.

Sheets, the spreadsheet application, has improved support for pivot tables.

For Kexi, the visual database creator, 2.8 version is focused on improving quality of existing features. Thanks to close collaboration with users, about 30 issues has been identified and corrected. The only new feature is ability to open hyperlinks in forms. But the big news is that the app is now available to build and run on Windows for the first time in 2.x series.

Flow, the diagram editor, has new support for SVG based stencils.

Krita, the full-featured free digital painting studio for artists provides a very exciting release! There are many new features, among them a new high-quality scaling mode for the OpenGL canvas, G’Mic integration, a wraparound painting mode for easy creation of textures and tiles, support for touch screens.

The 2.8 release also features two new applications based on Krita: Krita Sketch, aimed at tablets and Krita Gemini, which can switch between desktop and tablet mode at the press of a button. The full set of improvements is huge! Krita has made its own release announcement on, which is well worth looking at. Krita 2.8 will also be available for Windows.

There are also some general improvements in all apps. It is now possible to copy and paste any shape between any documents in Calligra applications. Moreover, copying and pasting of images and rich text is now more advanced.


  • Move Export to PDF command to the Export menu section instead of the Print section for conformance with other office suites (bug 332603).
  • Fix “Missing import filter” bug when saving if not extension is specified (even if selecting a File type is set to a format) (bug 328975).
  • Use native file dialogs on Windows.


  • Make Rich Text property false by default for Text Editor form widget. Rich Text often causes misbehaviour.


  • Fix resetting the slider spin box when double clicking on it (bug 330165).
  • Ignore tablet press/release events which did not produce any sane buttons (bug 331925).
  • Added support for ‘evdev’ tablets (bugs 332239, 331572, 329641).
  • Save line smoothing options between runs of Krita. This is really needed for low-level tablets like Genius to filter the trajectory they report to us.
  • Make Krita auto-recognize axes labels of Evdev tablets. The labels are stored in a special property of the XInput device.
  • Recognize Surface Pro 2 tablets on Windows (bug 331922).
  • Fixed size of predefined images.
  • Set default gradient to alpha (bug 329008).
  • Clean up the layout of the Transform tool.
  • Hide unused settings for stroke in the Path tool (bug 331556).
  • Fixed memory leaks in brush handling.
  • Fixed memory leaks when resources fail to load.
  • Fixed memory leaks when creating strokes (bug 331592).
  • Don’t crash on creating a file layer in Krita Gemini (bug 332871).
  • Improved splash screen.
  • Fix loading plugins for Krita Gemini.
  • Save tags with special characters properly (bug 332708).
  • Fix removing of tags, don’t load or save dummy tags.
  • Add import for PSD layer groups (bug 289857).
  • Fix translation issues.
  • Fix startup of Krtita Sketch and Gemini.