Windows 10 Transformation Pack

Windows 10 Transformation Pack 6.0

It’s finally here. A new Windows that will set the new standards of user experience. It’s about time to experience the “Windows 10 Transformation Pack”.

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  • Seamless installation and uninstallation giving users safe transformation
  • Easily configurable in single click with intelligence Metro UI design
  • Designed for all editions of Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 including Server Editions
  • Genuine Windows 10 system resources with Metro touches
  • Smart system files updating with auto-repair and Windows Update friendly
  • UxStyle memory patching
  • Windows 10 themes, wallpaper and logon screen
  • Virtual Desktop from Microsoft
  • Revived start menu with Metro support
  • Metro UI desktop emulation with pre-configured gadgets
  • Aero’s auto-colorization feature
  • And much more

What's New:

  • Added Cortena-like search bar as removable option
  • Added UltraUXThemePatcher auto-removal during installation
  • Changed theme engine back to UxStyle with installer fixes
  • Fixed bug that cause blank navigation pane on x86 software (If you already having this issue, you need to apply our blank navigation pane fixer before installing)
  • Fixed Microsoft .NET Framework requirement for start menu feature
  • Fixed replacing system files bugs on x64 system
  • Updated new system resources from Windows 10 build 10049
  • Logon screen background
  • System icons
  • System tray icons
  • Toolbar buttons
  • Updated screen wallpapers from Windows 10 build 10049
  • Updated Start Menu color scheme to match with Windows 10 build 10049
  • Updated Windows 7 visual style with Windows 10 Technical Preview Theme for Windows 7 by mare-m
  • Updated Windows 8/8.1 visual style with Windows10 TP 9926 Theme Windows 8.1 by cu88