Logitech G-series Keyboard Driver 1.02.218

Date: March 24, 2006
File Size: 3.3 MB
OS Support: Windows XP
Downloads: 2,430

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Release notes:

New Features:

* LCD Manager: New "LCD tabs" allows modification of LCD parameters on the LCD directly, instead of the control panel configuration screen.
* LCD Manager: Added an option to quickly switch between LCD applets (quicker than before).
* LCD SDK: Added the ability for an applet to find out if it is in the foreground or not.
* LCD SDK: Added an additional sample to demonstrate how to check if your applet is in the foreground.
* Profiler: Added playback of mouse clicks. (see context menu in Macro Recorder)
* Profiler: Added the ability to cut, copy, or paste events. (see context menu in Macro Recorder)
* Profiler: Added the ability to insert recordings into the middle of a macro. (see context menu in Macro Recorder)
* Applets: New applet "LCDCountdown". LCDCountdown provides you with up to 2 timers (stopwatch, or countdown) customizable with a name and duration.
* Applets: New applet "LCDPop3". LCDPop3 enables you to retrieve and preview the headers of email messages from your favorite POP3 provider.
* Tools: Added the Logitech Updater to check for software updates. (see Profiler, Help, Internet, Check for updates)


* Delays at the end of a macro are now processed.
* For shortcuts, a "Working Directory" field has been added so you can manually specify a working folder for the launched application.
* On German keyboards, the ''#'' key can now be used for macro recording.
* The Windows Key can now be used in keystroke macros without getting stuck.
* Quotes are now added to shortcuts when a file is browsed to.
* Printout HTML files are now Unicode which fixes display issues in some languages.
* Windows shortcuts (.lnk) can now be used as a G15 shortcut.

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