Lian-Li has launched a spin-off company called "LanCool" that will deliver their unique designs at more affordable prices. They are doing this by moving away from aluminum and adopting the more traditional SECC steel used for computer case construction. LanCool has just a handful of products on offer at the moment, with many of them belonging to the "Dragon Lord" K series. Today we will be looking at two cases from this series. The LanCool PC-K62 is a mid-tower chassis aimed at gamers and enthusiasts featuring a tool-less design with plenty of cooling options yet meant to remain silent on operation. The second case we are evaluating, the PC-K56, shares the same platform as the PC-K62 but is a more vanilla offering with less modification options available.

The PC-K62 is currently selling for $110, while the PC-K56 is retailing for just $65. That should give you a good idea already of the kind of savings you can obtain by ditching aluminum. If Lian Li can deliver in the form of a smart and clean design, we can see where they are going with their LanCool line. We will be checking these two cases out in more detail next. Read the complete review.