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3D Spotlight : Hardware : Creative Labs 3D Blaster Annihilator review

Creative Labs 3D Blaster Annihilator review
Posted by Adam Klein on November 29, 1999 - Page 2/8
Company: Creative Labs     Product: 3D Blaster Annihilator

Features and Specs

Architecture Highlights
256-bit graphics architecture
32MB high-performance SDRAM
350 MHz Palette-DAC
AGP 4X with Fast Writes
Peak fill rate of 480 million bilinear filtered, multi-textured pixels and more than 3.8 gigatexels per second
Up to 15 million triangles per second at peak rates
Integrated transform, lighting, setup and rendering engines
Four 32-bit 3D rendering pipeline
4 texture mapped, lit pixels per clock cycle
Single pass multi-texturing support (DirectX®6.X and OpenGL® ICD)

3D Features
Transform and Lighting (T&L) Engine
Graphics performance scale with Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) not CPU
Render with geometry instead of texture
Four rendering pipelines capable of delivering four pixels per clock
Cube environment mapping in hardware, fully supported by DX7 and OpenGL
Complete DirectX 7 support
100% hardware triangle setup
Texture Blend support:
Bump map
Light maps
Reflection maps
Detail textures
Backend blend
32-bit ARGB rendering with destination alpha
Point sampled, Bilinear, Trilinear and 8-tap
Anisotropic filtering
Per pixel perspective correct texture mapping
Mip mapping
Per pixel perspective correct texture mapping
Full scene, order independent anti-aliasing
32-bit Z and stencil buffer

2D Features
Hardware acceleration for all Windows GDI operations
Fast 32-bit VGA/SVGA support
Multi-buffering (up to quad buffering) for smooth animation and video playback

Video Support
Video Acceleration for DirectShow and, MPEG1, MPEG-2 and Indeo
X and Y smooth up and down scaling with filtering
Per-pixel color keying
Multiple video windows with hardware color space conversion and filtering (YUV 4:2:2 and 4:2:0)Video port supports ITU- R 656

Card Specifications
AGP 4X with Fast Writes
Single slot 2D, 3D graphics, and video accelerator
NVIDIA GeForce256 Classic graphics engine
Integrated 350MHz RAMDAC supporting up to 2048X1536 in true color
MPEG1, MPEG2 and full-motion video
Motion Compensation for MPEG-2 decoding
Full Plug and Play compliant

Windows 95 and 98 display driver (DirectDraw, Direct3D)
Drivers for Windows NT4 (DirectDraw)
OpenGL ICD for Windows 95 and NT 4.0
VBE 3.0 compliant


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