Abit SH6 review

Memory performance

This I815E chipset based motherboard offers many things over alternative Slot 1 VIA chipset based motherboards. Memory performance is definitely one of them (Compared to many of the older motherboards at least). Before I get onto actually testing performance I should mention the Abit SH6 has one problem in this department. Although the BIOS has a setting entitled System Memory Frequency this was disabled seemingly, according to the Manual this lets you select the bus speed for memory 100Mhz, 133Mhz & Auto. Looks like a BIOS update is needed to enable this feature correctly. As it stands it seems you won't be able to run at a 100Mhz FSB with your SDRAM using a 133Mhz FSB.

Initially I tested it with the BIOS memory settings as follows;

SDRAM CAS Latency, RAS-to-CAS Delay & Precharge Time - 2

FSB Rate 3:3:1

With these settings the RAM was running at 100Mhz (Same as bus speed) at CAS2.

With the Asus P3V4X received the following score for memory performance.

Overall memory performance is quite ok, although with a BIOS update or 2 it could be even better. NOTE – I also attempted using WPCREDIT & WPCRSET to set a 133Mhz Memory bus speed, although Windows 2000 would fail to boot as a result. The screenshot below shows the register for this feature if you're in that sorta thing.

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