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3D Spotlight : Hardware : Benwin BW2000 Flat Panel Speakers review

Benwin BW2000 Flat Panel Speakers review
Posted by Adam Klein on November 10, 1999 - Page 2/3
Company: Benwin     Product: BW2000 Flat Panel Speakers

The Speakers

The flat panel technology of the Benwin speakers work by using a disk that sends out electrical current throughout the surface of the panel producing vibrations. This can use the surface of the speakers to project 3D sounds. In my experience with older technology based on the traditional cone speakers, I would have to point the speaker at me to get the full effect. With the BW2000 speakers, I can place them in almost any direction and they still sound the same.

There is one problem I had with the speakers. There was a hint of a small static hiss when you got up close to the speakers. Perhaps it was the shielding in the subwoofer, or the shielding in the flat speakers, or maybe itís my computer that needs some shielding.

In any case, you will not notice the hiss after you move about 4 feet away even when the speakers are fully powered.


The Benwin flat panel speakers also have a very unique quality because of their shape. They can produce 3D sounds that I have never heard of before. There were times while I was playing a game of Unreal Tournament and Freespace 2 and I could pick things out of the sounds that I havenít heard before.

The 3D enable button on the subwoofer makes the flat panel speakers richer in treble and clarity. I own a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live as my primary sound card.

When I enabled EAX on the Sound Blaster Live, I compared what EAX sounded like with the 3D option disabled on the flat panel speakers and with the option enabled. I could really hear the difference in EAX. The EAX samples that Creative Labs uses for their Liveware! Software sounded much more clearly and I could hear positional sounds in a more pinpoint area.

The speakers come with the option to be hung from the side of a monitor or to be placed on a flat surface. I can place them in almost any area that has enough width and height. The speakers also look good in any area I put them in. I have seen a couple of people who have never even heard about speakers of this type before surprised when they first see the Benwin speakers. They are simply amazed that something this thin can produce a good sound.


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