CPUfx Z4 Watercooling Kit review



The Waterblock

The next part to get a design change is the waterblock, and here CPUFX really did some noticeable improvements. First, this waterblock uses the four mounting holes found on most “cooling-friendly” Socket A mainboards, judging by the colour you would perhaps think that it’s made of aluminum but that is not the case.

A nice detail on the waterblock that deserves a mention: after a while copper corrodes, so they have plated it with silver which doesn’t, another benefit is that it keeps bacteria away and also gives somewhat better thermal performance.

The last thing to get a design change are the fittings, now water enters the waterblock in the centre, thus cooling the core of the CPU most efficiently, the fittings are also anodized, so just like the rest of the waterblock, they will not corrode and keep bacteria away, and also look much better.


The last thing on the hose is a filler cap, due to the fact that this is a “closed loop” system we need to somehow be able to fill it with water, perhaps this filler cap is not as athletic as the other parts but it gets the job done.

CPUFX also offers a redesigned filler-housing for an extra $90; this has got tabs on the sides to allow you to screw it securely in your case plus a few other cosmetic changes.

Temperatures Comparison

I tested both the watercooler (Z4) and air-cooler (Alpha 8045) with three different fans. In the case of the Alpha, we tested with a  quiet Pabst fan moving ca 19cfm of air at 1500rpm producing 12db of noise, one Sunon fan that is not so whisper quiet pushing 39cfm of air at 2900rpm. And lastly the infamous Delta 5000rpm fan pushing some impressive 68cfm of air!

The watercooler was tested with these three 120mm fans also sucking air, one whisper quiet Pabst fan pushing 55cfm of air at 1600rpm and producing only 26db of noise. The included Sunon fan which is pushing 90cfm of air at 3100rpm, and lastly a YS-Tech fan which is just as noisy as the Delta but creating an astonishing 131cfm of air at 2800rpm…
The CPU used was an Athlon TBird 1.4GHz, also tested overclocked @ 1.6GHz in all setups.



Alpha 8045:

Delta fan, 1,75v, 1400mhz / 1,85v 1600mhz
41°C / 46°C

Sunon fan, 1,75v, 1400mhz / 1,85v 1600mhz
48°C / 57°C

Pabst fan, 1,75v, 1400mhz / 1,85v 1533mhz
57°C / 66°C

Pabst fan, 1,75v, 1400mhz / 1,85v 1600mhz
45°C / 53°C

Sunon fan, 1,75v, 1400mhz / 1,85v 1600mhz
43°C / 50°C

YS/Tech fan, 1,75v, 1400mhz / 1,85v 1600mhz
42°C / 48°C

Impressively enough, the Alpha was able to beat the Z4 kit by a slight margin when used with a high CFM rated fan, for the rest the Watercooling kit does better. One of the weakest points in the Z4 system is without doubt, the radiator, I don't doubt with a more efficient (bigger) radiator the Alpha 8045 wouldn't have had a chance.

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