D-Link DMP-110 MP3 player review

The software bundled includes the program for transferring music to the player and some extra programs from MusicMatch, these programs come in handy for ripping songs from your CDs and also for converting WAV files and such to MP3 format.

The coolest thing about the software included is that the D-Link program will let you transfer songs in both ways, that is, from your hard drive to the player and vice versa. That means you can transfer your songs from one computer to another with no extra work, thatís something I couldnít do with my Rio.

The output quality was really good, not something special but on par with the best MP3 players available now, volume level was good but pretty much as most of the players Iíve had the opportunity to play withÖ bundled headphones just doesnít make justice to the device you are paying for, if you want to enjoy of all the output quality the DMP-110 can give you, then donít think about it twice and buy a better set of headphones.


I must recommend you, unless youíre on a really tight budget and want a MP3 player, 32mb isnít the minimum you should consider getting but 64mb, once you have the player you will really feel the need for more storage capacity and the 32mb wonít satisfy anyone, unless you intend on listening to music in a very poor bit rate, which is unlikely.

Now, if you have already got some SmartMedia memory you could also use for the player, then going for the DMP-110 isnít a bad deal considering the low price ($ 104 or less), but if thatís not the case and youíre going for a D-Link product then I would suggest the DMP-120 which is pretty much the same but with double the memory.

In general terms, the D-Link DMP-110 does a fairly good job as a MP3 player; I wouldnít consider it a ďDeluxeĒ player but it has got all the basic features youíll ever need and more to go, for example, the voice recording feature is neat, indeed.

Itís not an overpriced product (there are a few of those out there) and is probably the perfect thing to get if you donít mind about the little capacity but the quick way you can get portable music out from your MP3 collectionÖ I would say this is definitely a PC Enthusiast device.

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