D-Link DMP-110 MP3 player review

D-Link is a peripheral manufacturer mostly known among gamers and PC Enthusiasts because of their networking products. This time however we will be reviewing their second-generation MP3 player, the DMP-110.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the concept behind portable MP3 players, in case you’re not; these devices are based on SmartMedia or Compact Flash memory that is also used on digital cameras and other portable devices. Coupled with an USB interface, MP3 players have the advantage over other conventional portable music players to offer skip-free high quality music, very high transferring speeds and most important of all, they’re based on the MP3 format that is so popular nowadays.

There are a few disadvantages of course; the price of the type of memory used on these players is relatively high so at the moment MP3 players only come with 32 to 64mb of total memory out of the box, with the option of expanding it if you buy more memory.

Because of this kind of problems certain manufacturers have released a new type of MP3 players that use notebook hard drives for storage (the Creative Nomad Jukebox is a good example), prices of these “jukeboxes” are higher but you get a few gigs of storage capacity.

Back to the DMP-110... it comes loaded with 32mb of on-board memory out of the box, the memory comes built-in which means you won’t be able to take it out for using in other devices. If 32mb is too little memory for you, there is also available the DMP-120, which is an identical model to the 110 with the only difference, that comes with an additional 32mb for a total of 64mb capacity for music storage.

As you can appreciate on the picture above, the new D-Link MP3 player comes in a matte silver casing (a marine blue model is also available) and has got all the standard functions we are used to see on this type of devices. It also comes with a decent sized LCD screen, a memory slot for expansion, a belt clip and some room for two AAA batteries that will power the player… that’s about it for the external appearance.


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