FIC VC19 Advanced Intel i845e motherboard review



Surprisingly, I did not include benchmarks for this review due to the fact that they mirror the benchmarks from my previous review of the VC15 which can be seen here. I ran Quake 3 and 3DMark without any real difference in speed. The only reason there was a slight difference was due to the fact that the front side bus was only overclocked to 130MHz in this review while testing, while the VC15 was able to achieve 133MHz.

  • Intel P4 1.6a @ 2.128GHz w/ stock Intel heatsink

  • 256mb OCZ PC3000 DDR RAM @ 150Mhz

  • Gainward Geforce 3 Ti450 (230/530)

  • Enermax ATX Case & 300watt p/s

  • Maxtor 20GIG UDMA66 Hard drive

  • Samsung 24x CDRW

  • Windows XP Professional

Benchmarks taken from our previous VC15 review:

The Quake3 benchmarks were compiled using the Quake3 demo. All options are enabled, including sound in all tests. Nvidia 28.32 reference Detonator drivers were used, with vsynch and FSAA OFF. The card was overclocked, with the specifications listed above. 3DMark 2001SE scores were compiled using default settings, with absolutely no changes. Last, but not least, Sandra scores were obtained using Sandra 2002 version 1.8.59.



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