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3D Spotlight : Hardware : EMS's HSDRAM review

EMS' HSDRAM review
Posted by Adam Klein on May 22, 2000 - Page 2/4
Company: Enhanced Memory Systems     Product: HSDRAM


  • Industry Standard PC133 SDRAM DIMM

  • Fast 4.6 ns Clock Access Time

  • Lower Latency Than Other PC-133 Modules (3:2:2) @ 133 MHz

  • CAS Latency = 3

  • RAS to CAS Delay = 2

  • Precharge delay = 2

  • High Quality 6-Layer PCB for System Stability

  • Uses 64Mbit Enhanced Memory Systems Chips for Consistent Performance

  • Overclock Existing PC Systems to 133 MHz

  • Ideal for High Performance 133 MHz Bus Speed Systems

  • On-board Serial Presence Detect (SPD)

In a more technical view, HSDRAM incorporates very sophisticated memory timings to reach these speeds.  HSDRAM is a higher performing version of the SDRAM standard.  HSDRAM offers a lower latency and a faster clock access time than regular SDRAM.

The HSDRAM has the much touted 4.6ns clock access time to give greater performance and stability at the 133MHz memory speed.  Most of the other PC-133 memory that you buy, will most likely come with 3:3:3 suggested clock timings, HSDRAM PC-133 comes with 3:2:2 memory timings.

Lower values give better memory performance while higher values give better stability.  These timings are 3 for column access strobing (CAS), 2 for the row access strobing to column access strobing delay (RAS to CAS), and 2 for the precharge delay.

Another factor that helps in the stability of HSDRAM is the 6-layer printed circuit board (PCB).  This helps keep out and prevent any line noises that may interfere with the memory.

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