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3D Spotlight : Hardware : EMS's HSDRAM review

EMS' HSDRAM review
Posted by Adam Klein on May 22, 2000
Company: Enhanced Memory Systems     Product: HSDRAM

When looking through forums and checking out what people are purchasing for new systems, a question that pops up a lot is what brand and type of memory is good at certain speeds.  There are various types of memory available.  Most of what you will see comes from distributors such as Kingston, PNY, Corsair, or Mushkin.  These are just a few of the most well-known computer memory distributors.  Another company that is becoming increasingly popular is Enhanced Memory Systems.

With their product, the HSDRAM, there has been a lot of talk in the overclocking community.  As the bus speeds of Intel's processors increase with the current multiplier locks, it becomes increasingly harder to overclock the Pentium III processor.  Another advantage of the HSDRAM is stability when using a 133MHz front side bus Pentium III in a VIA133A based motherboard.

VIA motherboards for the Pentium III CPU are very popular among people as an alternative to Intel's i820 chipset based motherboards.  When using an i820, you have to either use the memory performance crippled SDRAM slots, or use the very expensive RDRAM memory. 

With VIA's 133MHz motherboards, you don't have to settle for sub standard memory performance, or sacrifice stability when working with SDRAM.  It is true that the BX would give better performance with SDRAM on the 133+MHz FSBs, but it can be hard on some AGP video cards since the BX chipset was not totally designed with the 133MHz bus in mind.  Those of us that can take advantage of the great memory performance on BX motherboards on high FSBs will be happy to know that the EMS HSDRAM comes up a winner with this combination.

What Makes HSDRAM Better Than the Rest?

I've been hearing from a lot of people the question of "Why should I choose HSDRAM for my system"?  It may be true that another brand of memory will take you to the bus speed that you want, but when you do that it's like a gamble.  You may never know what speed you can get from certain brands of memory chips until you plug it into your system.

With HSDRAM, your pretty much guaranteed certain memory speeds.  This is why a lot of people choose to purchase the EMS HSDRAM.  They know what to expect when they buy the memory.


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