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3D Spotlight : Hardware : 128MB Mushkin High Performance REV2 PC133 review

128MB Mushkin High Performance REV2 PC133 review
Posted by Thomas McGuire on January 10, 2001
Company: Mushkin     Product: 128MB Mushkin High Performance REV2 PC133 module



With ever faster CPU’s being released the system bus speed is also starting to rise accordingly. With many new systems having a 133Mhz FSB as standard. For those with slower systems you can effectively increase your system speed by a third, or double in the case of Celeron processors, by simply increasing your FSB speed to 133Mhz.

Mushkin are well known for producing high quality RAM & the overclockability & performance they offer. In that respect their Mushkin High Performance REV2 PC133 continues on this tradition, offering both 133Mhz @ CAS2 support & an improved PCB than earlier versions.

Some other things that separate this memory from the rest are that each module is hand picked & that REV2 has more fine tuned traces on the PCB. This allows for a shorter path & less electrical interference, i.e. REV 2 consists of the best quality & has higher overclocking potential/stability the previous revisions.


Here’s the specifications for the 128MB Mushkin High Performance REV2 PC133 222.

  • Revision 2

  • 6-Layer PCB

  • 7ns clock access time

  • Asus & Epox Passed

  • Hand Picked Yield

  • Tested CAS2:2:2 @133

  • Approved PC100 chipsets

Here’s a shot of what the 128MB module looks like.

The RAM module is actually slightly mislabelled (Being referred to as PC133 that is). The memory module is rated at 7ns, rather than 7.5ns (As all PC133 modules are). To get a memory modules effective rated speed divide 1000 by the ns of the module, in this case 1000/7 = 143Mhz (Whereas 1000/7.5 = 133Mhz). This essentially means you should be able to run this memory module at 143Mhz without issue.

This is great news for those of you who want to overclock your system as high as possible, whereas many times RAM may be limitation. Although those seeking the absolute limit may well want to go for the REV 3 modules instead.

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