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3D Spotlight : Hardware : ThermalTake Golden Orb cooler review

ThermalTake Golden Orb cooler review
Posted by Adam Klein on March 06, 2000 - Page 2/3
Manufacturer: Thermaltake     Product provided by: TCWO


19.1 CFM 3 pin RPM Monitoring Fan
Dimensions: 48mm High 70mm Wide
Socket 7/370/FC-PPGA

-Hi-Flow 200U phase-change interface material
-TCS01 clip
-60 fins around the Aircooler surface
-12 volt 43dia x 25 mm 3-wire fan with tachometer

Heat Monitoring and Overclocking

As you know, the CPU I have running with the cooler is a Pentium III Coppermine. The Coppermine runs cool, as it is with the heatsink Intel ships with the retail version. Most people won’t have to use more than just the retail unit for their Coppermine CPUs, but if you intend to overclock the CPU to high levels with an increase in voltage, the Thermaltake Golden Orb may just work better for you.

Here is a run down on what is included in my system:

  • Pentium III 500E
  • Asus P3B-F motherboard
  • 256MB Infineon/Siemens SDRAM
  • Creative Labs Annihilator Pro
  • Aureal Vortex SQ2500
  • Abit Hot Rod 66
  • WD 27.3GB HD

To monitor the heat, I used the thermal diode inside the CPU and one of the best utilities I have used, Motherboard Monitor. I set the CPU to various speeds and voltages to see what the retail cooling unit and the Thermaltake Golden Orb could do.

In order to test the CPU at it highest levels, I let the computer play the Unreal Tournament intro loop for 30 minutes after the cold boot, then 10 minutes after each warm boot at various clock speeds. These temps are in degrees Celsius and the CPU is running at 1.6 volts, unless otherwise stated.

Retail Cooling - 36
Thermaltake – 34

Retail Cooling – 37
Thermaltake – 34

Retail Cooling – 37
Thermaltake – 36

Retail Cooling – 42
Thermaltake – 38

Retail Cooling – 44
Thermaltake – 39

My Personal Chip Setting
Retail Cooling – 40
Thermaltake – 36

As you can see the highest I can get my system to run at is 700MHz. This is a very good speed, but I know that I am not CPU limited to how far I can get the CPU.

Rather, my PC100 RAM limits me. I can run with the 150MHz bus for quite some time, but only certain programs will quit and dump me back to my desktop. The 140MHz bus is really good, so I’m happy with the 700MHz with only 1.5 volts supplied to the CPU. The use of an aftermarket cooler for the Pentium III Coppermine only gives a small gain in heat dissipation over the retail unit. When using this cooler on a Celeron, you would most likely see a larger spread between the temps of the retail unit and the Thermaltake unit.

Another thing worth pointing out is that the older core of the 512kb Pentium III’s coupled with the high quality Alpha P3125 cooler gives me higher temps than the Coppermine with the retail cooler clock for clock.


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