ProLink Pixelview GeForce 2 MX400 review

Card Specifications  

  • NVIDIA GeForce2 MX GPU

  • 256-bit 2D & 3D graphics architecture

  • AGP 2X/4X with Fast Writes and Execute Mode

  • 32MB On-board RAM

  • Integrated 350-MHz RAMDAC, resolution up to 2048x1536 @75Hz

  • DVD & HDTV – ready motion compensation for MPEG-2 decoding

  • Integrated 2nd-generation T&L engine

  • 20M triangles/sec through T&L and setup

  • NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR)

  • 2.7GB/sec memory bandwidth

  • DirectX and S3TC texture compression

  • Full acceleration for Microsoft DirectX 7 and OpenGL 1.2ICD

  • Supports NTSC/PAL TV-Out with flicker filter

  • TV-Out Function

  • Windows 9x, NT4.0, and Win2000 drivers

  • Support DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectVideo and ActiveX, OpenGL ICD for Win9x, NT Windows, Win2K, and Linux

Included Items

  • Graphics Adaptor

  • Auto-Run driver CD

  • RCA Cable 1.8m

  • User’s Manual

Here are the specs of the test machine:

  • Intel Celeron 566 @ 850mhz (100mhz bus speed)

  • 256MB PC133 RAM @ CASS2

  • ABIT BE6-2 Rev.1 Motherboard

  • 20GB Matrox UDMA Hardrive

  • Aureal Vortex Soundcard

  • Windows XP Professional

This system is actually a good match with a budget card such as the GeforceMX; the T&L engine will defiantly help out the Celeron processor.

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