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3D Spotlight : Hardware : kärna Razer Boomslang 2000 review

kärna Razer Boomslang 2000 review
Posted by Julio Franco on March 16, 2000 - Page 2/4
Company: kärna     Product: Razer Boomslang 2000 review

More Impressions

At first I had some trouble getting accommodated to it but I suppose that's a normal reaction after using the Intellimouse for over a year. Even though the two main buttons are damn huge you should actually grab the mouse in a very gentle way for getting it working comfortably. Those two main buttons feel like rubber or something like that, I really liked that.

Then you have the wheel which definitely feels different than MS’s and Logitech’s ones but once you use it for a day or so it’s pretty much the same thing. Last but not least you have the other two secondary buttons located on the sides.

You are not supposed to use them at once though, you can configure them with the software that comes with the mouse, but the real idea of having two is that since the mouse is symmetric you can have a thumb (4th) button either if you are right or left handed.

My only warning here is for people with hands a bit smaller than the average… the Boomslang is big and definitely you won’t want to spend money in a mouse you can’t enjoy using.

Finally, the Razer bundle, the mouse comes with a Special (OEM) Edition Soldier of Fortune and Battlezone II (Full Version), also at posting time they had this offer in which you could also have a 3M precision mousepad for free.


Getting it working wasn’t a problem, since I had an USB port available I went for it but just in case you also get an USB to PS/2 adaptor.

I connected it, booted and installed the drivers; the mouse was recognized with no problems at all. The first thing I noticed was how smooth this mouse felt, this is all about the dpi resolution, the higher, the better… so, going from 300 to 2000 dpi really was a dramatic difference.

If you are worried if you still are going to be able to take advantage of this if you only have a PS/2 connection available, the drivers that come with the Razer Boomslang include a utility named PS/2 Flex, which lets you improve the baud rate.

With an USB connection you always have 125 polls/sec so that position is refreshed very quickly but with PS/2 you only have 30-40/sec, for sure with this utility you can put it up to 200 polls a sec. but notice that the higher you use, the more CPU time you will eat (only in the PS/2 case, not USB) but anyway going with something like 80 polls/sec will still be safe to use.

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