Diamond Rio 500 MP3 player review


In order to control the Rio 500, Diamond included the Rioport Audio Manager (we used the 2.1 version that came in the package), which will let you add or remove the MP3s from the player.

After a bit more than a month of usage, Iíd say the Rioport software is a mixed bag of cool and annoying features. The Rioport Manager looks pretty good but that doesnít mean that itís as simple as choosing the songs and uploading them.

The Rioport Software was created with playlist kind of uploading in mind, that means that ideally it should be used for creating various playlists that contain enough music for filling the memory completely, Iím saying that because without doubt picking songs by hand and then uploading was a real pain.

Once you have all the songs on the database for selecting them, there is no way of removing more than one at the same time, certain Windows features such as double clicking for properties or arranging songs by certain criteria is not available. Although this kind of stuff might sound too basic, itís true that will get you annoyed everytime you want to upload songs to the player.

Although itís clear the Rio is a MP3 player, usually weíve been able to transfer any kind of files to other players we have tested, the idea is that you could transfer files from one computer to the other using the memory on the device, sure, itís not what the player is meant to do but weíd have found that useful anyway.

Also, once youíve uploaded the songs to the player youíre not able to download them again, so MP3 file transferring isnít possible either.

There are good things about the software though; it will let you rip music directly from the CDs and also transcode the MP3sí bit rate in case you want to sacrifice the better quality of sound for more free space and having more songs on the player.

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