Samsung SyncMaster 930BF 19" LCD Monitor review



Final Thoughts

I liked the SyncMaster 930BF, though there really isnít much to complain about, nor is there much to sing about. And while it doesnít seem to carry a lot of character at first glance, this ends up being more of a strong point than a negative on its particular case.

Good looks and visuals, fast gaming performance, space saving design, this is an overall solid LCD monitor. I definitely liked it better than my current BenQ monitor (FP931), but now we are talking of a $100 difference. The Samsung monitor has wonderful colors, but the font is slightly blurry compared to the BenQ and the LG L1980Q (reviewed here). The best visuals I have been exposed to have been from the LG monitor, which in the other hand takes the price a notch higher, up to premium levels that not everyone is willing to pay.

Nowadays a 19Ē LCD monitor can cost you anything between $300-600. Price will change depending on looks, functionality, name, and features. The 930BF weighs in around $440 bucks. Itís not the cheapest in the market, but itís also not the most expensive. When it comes to speed, this monitor is king. A 4ms refresh rate is very fast by LCD standards, so you can tell Samsung put some emphasis on gaming when creating the 930BF.

If you are the type of individual that is driven by specifications, then this is the monitor you need. If you are more value-minded, and are looking for the best bang for the buck, you might consider something cheaper.

Easy to use, attractive yet not flashy, I am going to hate sending this one back. Finally, as with most of our reviews where subjectiveness can become an issue. You may want to add the 930BF to your shortlist if it seems to be what you are looking for, and then try visiting a store nearby for drawing your own conclusions.

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