REALmagic Remote Control Review

Test System

The Remote Control was installed & tested on the following system;

  • Pentium 3 700E

  • Abit SH6

  • 256MB Mushkin PC133 REV2 RAM

  • Windows 2000 - Service Pack 2 installed.

  • Voodoo 5 5500AGP

  • 17Ē Philips 107E

  • 6X Pioneer DVD drive

  • Hollywood Plus - Latest Windows 2000 drivers & Beta DVD Station installed.

  • Philips Acoustic Edge

  • Diamond Supra Max

  • Intellimouse Explorer

All relevant driver updates & other system patches were installed.

Installation & Manual

Installation of the Remote Control wasnít too great an ordeal. Shutdown the PC, connect the Infrared module to an unused COM port, position the receiver in an location unobstructed by any objects (Given the 4í cable length this wasnít a problem), restart the system (Ensuring that the COM/Serial Port was enabled in the BIOS of course). Upon Windows loading I simply installed the drivers for the Remote Control (The Remote Control comes with the latest available Drivers on Floppy disk, although as I donít have such a drive anymore I got the same drivers at the Sigma Designs website).

Other than that all I needed to do was pop in the 2 supplied batteries into the Remote Control itself. This was a bit awkward given my short nails although itís better to have it harder to get the batteries in than have it too easy for the latch on the back to open up & have them fall out.

The Manual (I use the term lightly) supplied isnít anything to get too excited over, itís only a small paper printout covering installation, some of the control buttons of the Remote, a small FAQ & how to have the Remote Control Utility initialize at startup (Which it already does in the latest driver release anyway). Although to be fair thereís not really much need for anything else is there? If you have a TV then this Remoteís operation should be fairly self explanatory.


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