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3D Spotlight : Hardware : Videologic Sirocco Crossfire review

Videologic Sirocco Crossfire review
Posted by Julio Franco on October 03, 2000
Company: Imagination Tech/Videologic     Product:
Sirocco Crossfire 4.1 speaker system

The Videologic name might come familiar to you, from video boards to 3D soundcards and speaker systems, Videologic has been playing a major role in the console market lately as well by having its PowerVR Neon chip featured as an essential component of the Sega Dreamcast console.

This time however we will be taking a look at the Sirocco Crossfire Speaker System.
Based on the original Sirocco system, the Crossfire is intended to bring true high-end hi-fi sound to your PC.

No matter what you do in your computer, if youíre serious about your PCís sound, itís for sure you will want a good speaker system to be coupled with your SBLive! Platinum or any other high-end soundcard you own, thatís where the Crossfire comes into scene.

First Impressions and Installation

Unlike the original Sirocco, the Crossfire is a 4.1 speaker system, they have kept however all the key components that made the original system a winner, the satellites use hi-fi 3Ē cones by Audax, the same guys that supply to most major speaker manufacturers.

Out of the box you get a subwoofer, the four satellites and a separate amplifierÖ rest assured, the Sirocco Crossfire doesnít look like your standard PC speaker system.

Something I couldnít overlook when taking out everything out of the box was the appearance of the amplifier, that might sound crazy to you but at least in my opinion, weíre used to toy-like looking devices/peripherals that might feel more friendly to the user however in the case of the Sirocco amp, itís a strong black metal case that gives a very professional look to the whole system.

So you are impressed by the looks, Iím sure however you donít want to stop here but get those speakers up and running. Included in the package came the userís manual with all indications to get everything working properly. As expected in a 4.1 system there were very long wires for the rear speakers (8 meter long) and shorter ones for the sub and front speakers (2 meters).

After getting all the speakers in place, I got everything connected to the amp, it was a painless installation, each satellite has got an independent connector as well as the subwoofer has got one. Other than that, youíve also got an additional input on the back for a secondary source (it could be a CD player or MD) as well as an AC-3 LFE input for Dolby Digital or Dolby Pro Logic output.

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