Videologic SonicFury review

Software & Manuals

The manual was a bit sparse that you get with the card, well, it wasn’t really a manual, more like a Quick Install guide. That said, the Driver CD has a fairly detailed HTML manual which covers pretty much everything you’ll need to know.

The SonicFury comes with a pretty large Software bundle. According to Videologic you get the following software with the SonicFury.

MusicMatch Jukebox - All-in-one digital music encoder, player & database, integrated CD player, audio & data CD creator, & Internet radio tuner.

Making Waves - 128-track digital audio music sequencer & sampler.

VideoLogic IP Phone - For Internet phone calls. Save up to 75% on international call rates & browse the web while you're talking.

FutureBeat 3D - For 3D audio composition & mixing.

JetAudio - Award-winning media-player for music CDs, MP3, WAV, RA, MIDI files & digital video.

Yamaha® Softsynthesizer XG & XG Studio™ - Emulators of the powerful Yamaha XG hardware.

Voyetra AudioStation 4, MIDI Orchestrator™ 32 & AudioView™ 32 - For playing, recording & editing WAV files.

Voyetra Digital Orchestrator - Desktop recording studio & Music Write 2000 (demo version) notation software for composing & printing music.

Sonic Foundry's ACID Xpress - Song creation & SIREN Jukebox Xpress music management & playback software for MP3, WMA & WAV files.

PCDJ Phat™ - MP3 cross-mixing software for DJs.

d-lusion MJ Studio - Mixing console, DrumStation Roland TR-909-based drum machine & RubberDuck acid & techno-synthesizer (trial versions).

Dancer DNA - Generates 3D shapes & sets them dancing to your favourite music.

Soft Karaoke - Fun karaoke program.

These are all very well & good, but I honestly never really used any of them (Bar Jet Audio of which I had some previous experience) as I don’t need them. Although those of you interested in music composition/editing will no doubt put many of these to great use. Me, I’ll just stick with Windows Media Player 7.

Overall you’ll find everything you need on the CD Manual wise. You also get the obligatory bundle of Music making software that comes with most soundcards too. Still, for the price the SonicFury all this software pretty much comes at no extra cost to you.


Installation went smoothly. I uninstalled Creative Liveware, shut down the PC. Removed the SoundBlaster Live! & then installed the SonicFury. The card was recognized & installed just fine in both Windows 2000 & Windows Millennium Edition.

As a small side note the SonicFury CD does not come with Windows Me drivers, although this are available for download now (Drivers are available for Windows 9x, Me, NT4 & 2000) & as part of the installation program on the CD you will be informed that the CD has no Windows Me drivers & it will plain refuse to install on that Operating System as a result.

This is a pretty nice feature as far as I’m concerned & ensures no-one will accidentally install the incorrect drivers. I should also mention that the new Windows Millennium Edition driver is an improvement over the initial one & does fix some issues that were outstanding in it’s initial release.

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